Ticket systems in Keno

The use of keno tickets is not much of a concern in online keno and is really useless in the keno line. However, the keno played in real casinos requires players to understand the various types of keno tickets.

If you have played on the keno line, chances are you have played the game in a brick ‘n mortar casino once before. If you have in any way participated in a keno game before, when you become a regular player on the keno line, is there a probability that you want to play the game in one of the rooms of the casino just like those in Las Vegas? The keno players are quite different, combining to build communities of keno players – players who play keno for entertainment, and as opposed to what players say, a good chance at earning some money. So, if you think there is no need for knowledge about keno tickets, you want to reconsider your position.

Five different forms of keno are usually played in a casino. In addition to the straight ticket used in regular keno games, you can also play the 20-point ticket, the top / bottom keno, the multi-game keno, and the way ticket.

Straight ticket – the most basic form of keno, players can choose one to fifteen numbers on a ticket. Disbursement is higher when more numbers are selected.

20-point ticket – from the name itself, twenty numbers are selected by the bettor. By providing higher payouts to match more than fifteen numbers, point 20 is similar to a straight game except that the chances of winning are more difficult.

Top / Bottom Keno – In a top / bottom keno, players can pick the top half of the ticket or the bottom portion of the eighty numbers on a keno ticket. When more than eleven numbers of the top or half of the bottom of the ticket win, the original bet is paid at a ratio of 2 to 1. More pay outs are given for each additional hit on the eleven numbers. Disbursement of some variations when twelve numbers or more, or less than eight numbers get exhausted.

Multi-game Keno – Keno tickets can be used by players for consecutive games. The games can be between two to a thousand continuous games depending on the casino. The same similar numbers can be played exactly every time the ball is drawn. When the cards have been consumed, cash winnings can now be collected.

Way Ticket – In this ticket, multiple straight ticket bets can be combined into one ticket. An example could mark the ten numbers on a single ticket in the way instead of playing two independent five-mark tickets. You can even choose to combine the two cards in one ticket.

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