Like all games, most things are learned by trial and error in practice, but we do not want you to play without first throwing some basic strategies for poker. Pay attention to these 7 commandments.

1. You must learn to read your letters. Know what to discard and what not.

2. You have to know what possibilities you have to build a better game based on your cards and those that your opponents have already revealed.

3. We must pay attention to what they discard and ask the other players.

4. Try to discover your game as late as possible.

5. Be moderate in your bets, but do not let them hurry and take you out fast in all the plays. I learned to apply pressure when necessary.

6. On the contrary, do not chase and challenge your opponents in all the plays even if you are on a roll. It’s a tug-of-war, like you were fishing.

7. Be careful with money.

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